Web Summit 2014

My Web Summit Experience

I attended this years’ web summit at the RDS as I was helping out a friend who was looking for investment in his green booking engine.  It was my first to time to attend the event and it was certainly an eye opener!

Lot’s of exciting new projects and ideas, apps, software tools and platform ideas but the thing I most enjoyed was the networking!

The WOW Crew & #SheDIDIt

There are a group of ladies who call themselves GirlCrewDublin and had a popup hashtag for the websummit called #Wowcrew (Women on Web).  They had put a shoutout on Twitter for any women traveling to the summit alone to get in touch for support, meeting up, pints etc. Naturally I got in touch and retweeted a few times to help get the message out and joined their Facebook and Linkedin group.

There was a big drive towards getting women noticed as part of the summit not least by Pauline Sargent of DigiWomen and the #SheDIDIt hashtag
who had used the occasion to get her women in business survey filled in order to draw attention to the amazing contributions that women make to technology.

In 2012 37 speakers were female; in 2013 there were 29 female speakers. Thankfully this year they are bucking that downward trend with 96 female speakers. This is 19.2% of the total 500 speakers that Web Summit promises at time of writing. How many years will it take us to get to 50:50 which is close to representing the actual ratio of women to men in the world?

As I was helping out a travel company I got to meet lot’s of other travel companies some of my favorites being Cruise.me (Hi Nimby!) and TravelMyth.com (Hi Stefanos!)

I also totally loved the IdeaPaint product where your walls /tables/ worktops etc can become whiteboards – definitely one for the new eco workshop!

Of course there were a zillion other companies, products and people there but one can only digest so much – as for getting a taxi.. forget about it!

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