Monthly Digital Management

Digital Management Services

Not enough hours in the day?

Running a business with or without employees takes up a lot of time and requires a lot of skills. A lack of time however can leave us needing a bit of external help.

This is where our Monthly Digital Management Packages come in.

We offer a custom designed schedule of Monthly Digital Management to suit your needs.

Two examples of web retainer packages available

  • Option 1: Starter Pack – Blogging & Social
    This option suits those who do not have time to update their website or social media platforms but may have news/offers/events that they’d like to share. By updating your online presence regularly you’re telling search engines to choose you because you have the freshest content related to a specific search. Making sure that you are active on the social platform/s of your choice gives a chance to grow your followers and engagement so that when you do have time to engage yourself your audience is there.


  • Option 2: Development Pack – Trend Analysis, Stats Analysis, Demographic Identification, Persona Building, Relationship Building with quarterly report.
    This options suits businesses that are time poor but do not wish to take on an extra employee. It is perfect as a support for inhouse digital marketing or for those who do not have a dedicated digital marketing person at all. It enables analysis of trends and social conversation to see what your customers are looking for and then to focus on getting found for that as well as communicating any offers / events / products to an active audience.

Optional Extras Include:

  • Variations on the above to suit your needs.
  • SEO Optimisation – Redirects, Site Audits etc
  • Newsletter Management – Creation of + Subscription Growth
  • Competition Management – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Competitions
  • E Commerce Management – Adding new categories, stock etc.
  • Focus on Specific Social Media Platform growth.
  • Website Updating – eg adding widgets/backups etc
  • Traffic Analysis – Monthly Stats Analysis Report and suggestions based on same.

Get Started:

Make sure your website is setting off on the right foot – I can ensure that your Google Analytics are set up correctly and integrated, SEO settings – Sitemap, Permalinks, etc; Social Media Platforms set up with uniform headers, Social Media linked from your Website so visitors can find you easily for a once off fee.

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