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WordPress Website Back-Up & Updating Services Ireland

wordpress managementWordPress is currently one of the most popular software platforms used for blogging, websites, portfolios and e-commerce sites. Popular because it is so powerful and relatively inexpensive to set up ( plugin dependant).

Get Peace Of Mind With Our WordPress Support Service:

Daily Backups

Our WordPress backup services mean that you can have peace of mind should your website or the server it sits on be attacked.

  • We offer daily backups from which you can restore your site at the click of a button.
  • Complete backups of your website (files and database) for the past 30 days are available.
  • Your backup is encrypted and stored in secure data centers and also on Amazon S3 servers.
  • We backup every aspect of your WordPress site including posts, pages, files, themes, images etc – all the files within your core WordPress folders as well as the complete database thus ensuring that no part of your site is missed.

WordPress Updating

WordPress updates increase security, fix bugs and add features and functionality. Hackers and other malicious parties are constantly on the look out for bugs or vulnerabilities that they can exploit – to your detriment! It is important to keep your version of WordPress up to date as much as possible to reduce the threat of being exposed to an attack. WordPress Updates come out on average about 3 times a year, occasionally more often.

We offer regular WordPress updating as the new versions come out so that you can remain secure and safe in the knowledge that your WordPress website is up to date.

WordPress Plugin Checks and Updates:

Similar to the WordPress software updates many WordPress plugins also require updating at various stages. This can be due to vulnerabilities/bugs but also due to advances in their third party partners which they need to match (For example, E-Commerce plugins needing to stay up to date with Paypal requirements etc)

We offer WordPress Plugin check and updating every 4 months so that you can remain secure and safe in the knowledge that your plugins are up to date.

We also check your sitemap and analytics plugins (if applicable) are still reading correctly after updates!

Please Note

Whilst most updates will not adversely affect your website,on occasion and dependant on your theme/customizations/third party software etc  issues may arise as a result of a WordPress/Plugin update. Many times it can be a simply tweak to bring everything back together but occasionally it may need deeper consideration.

These situations would require quoting and discussion on an individual basis.

Our aim is always to keep your site working safely and well with as little interruption and hassle as possible.

Contact Us Today For any of the Above Services on 083 1949444 or by Emailing Roz@HowToBeTheBusiness.com

WordPress Support Services:

I had availed of Roz’s services already for my Website and it was great, so I was fairly confident that asking her to look after my Back office in WordPress would be a good idea.

Once again Roz over delivered and gave me total peace of mind. She knows what she is doing and I will be leaving her to it, knowing that it is in good hands.

I am not that technically minded and was getting spammed etc. Roz advised me and took care of it all so that I have time now to do what I am good at!

Great service, great advice, wonderful peace of mind. Highly recommend!

~ Danielle Serpico, TheBlackbeltMastermind