Buying a Domain Name

How to know if a Domain is Available to buy: A useful tool for looking up domain names (the name for your website address)  is – You can enter a number of domain names one by one and it will tell you if it’s available to register or not.. It is wise to then Read more about Buying a Domain Name[…]

Social media management and more

12 Month Social Media Strategy Plan

Looking for some direction when planning your social media strategy? Here’s a nice INFOGRAPHIC by Tammy Lam of Intuit Small Business Blog showing a monthly breakdown of things to consider including mentions of useful tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck which bring a myriad of social media platforms onto one platform enabling you to easy browse through and Read more about 12 Month Social Media Strategy Plan[…]

thought leadership trends for 2014

2014 Digital Trends

Thought Leaders on the 2014 Digital trends and Marketing Predictions Forbes contributor Ekaterina Walter has put together a very interesting article from thought leaders on emerging and expected trends for digital marketing in the year ahead. My Favourite Points included: Location-based marketing Customer-centric information Cognitive computing Mobile and social Images and videos Advocacy Privacy Prioritization Paying to sponsor  Read more about 2014 Digital Trends[…]

thought leadership trends for 2014

Identifying Key Influencers

Identifying Key Influencers – Ireland Natasha Fogel, executive VP of global measurement and media analytics at Edelman’s Edelman Berland explains: “ As the definition of influencers broadens, organizations need to look at them through a 360 degree prism—traditional and social, online and offline, and also primary research. You then have visibility into a clear composite Read more about Identifying Key Influencers[…]