Affordable Websites You Can Edit Yourself

Anyone can make a Website

These days there are a myriad of free web design tools, pay per month websites from vistaprint and weebly and much more. Sometimes though, you want a professionally made website without breaking the bank.

WordPress is a highly popular programme used by many companies including my own to create responsive (easy to view on web/ipad/mobile), easy to update websites that can grow as your business grows.

One of the reasons that WordPress  is so popular is that it has so many plugins available, many of them free or very affordable, allowing you to add a simple contact form/ facebook like box /portfolio gallery /directory / property or job listings etc..

Setting it up on your domain however can be a little tricky and this is where I come in.

I can set it up, install a theme and prepare the basic pages (home, services,contact) along with ensuring it has what I consider basics – a sitemap for search engines and Google analytics integration so that your site can be indexed by Google, Bing etc and so that you can easily login to your Google account and see who has been visiting your sites(demographics) , using what type of devices, from where (location)and how they found you (keywords) …

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