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Get Up and Go Curation Services

Get Up on Google and GO!

My absolute favourite challenge is when a potentially new client approaches me wondering why their website is not getting found online and asking for my help.

There are many factors that influence your websites’ ranking on search engines such as Google and king of them all is CONTENT!

Fresh, relevant, regular content!

Also known as Blogging.. the creation of fresh content on your website will bring you a better Return On Investment (ROI) than most paid for adverts. This is particularly important for Startups and Entrepreneurs with limited budgets.

Putting the Power in Your Hands!

My approach is ultimately to give the power back to my clients. First I will compare results for what they would like to be found for versus what they are (and are  not) being found for.

Curation Services

I then research the clients’ industry, referencing their competitors, keywords used to find their product /service and identify the most influential platforms and people who can help their business grow.

Usually the clients’ website needs a bit of tweaking (sitemap being submitted to search engines, navigation & content in an orderly user friendly fashion, a responsive site for mobile/pads, search engine friendly (sef)  urls..)/

I make sure that they can track their KPI’s (Key Perfomance Indicators) through Analytics, setting it up and integrating it if need be – you may be surprised how many people don’t know they have Analytics (statistics /traffic reporting) in their website or have yet to set them up!

I will then do some blogs for them on their site as an example which they can then reference later.

Finally I will draw up a list of the information gathered – keywords/phrases to use, people to build relationships with and important relevant events / sites that they should keep an eye on for inspiration/referencing.

You can rely on my full attention. I become a member of your team for the  duration of curation, immersing myself so that I can find the best long term solutions for your online presence and business growth.

Contact me today on +353 (0)83 1949444 or email for my ‘Get Up and Go’ Curation Service and a no obligation chat .