Enterprise Europe Network – EEN

Enterprise Europe Network – EEN

Recent Report on Female Entrepreneurship in Ireland

According to current estimates, women are the largest under represented group when it comes to enterprise in Ireland: only 15 – 18% of established entrepreneurs in Ireland are women.
5.2 % of women in Ireland are established entrepreneurs compared to 11.8 % of men. This means that men are 2.3 times more likely than women to be established owners of a business.

In female business failure, the three most commonly cited causes are: lack of proper financing, lack of prior experience and lack of training, according to data put forth by National Women’s Enterprise Day.

Self-selection is another issue that has prevented women from upskilling. Studies have shown that women are less likely to perceive themselves as entrepreneurs than are men and therefore will steer away from courses designed for ‘entrepreneurs.’

Pressures from family life, a lack of high profile role models and a lower perception by women that they have the skills to set up a business are other factors that have discouraged women from starting their own businesses.

New studies and reports highlight effective programmes governments can adopt to help overcome these frequently encountered challenges. Networking initiatives and mentorship programs have been found to be particularly effective.

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