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The internet is no longer new but what it holds certainly is – new and constantly updating. The web is a great resource for learning about using social media for business. Ok it’s time consuming but there is so much out there to learn for free.

For example. I follow a guy from the US called Chris Makara. I subscribe to his newsletter and also follow him on Google+ and Twitter. I might not always have the time to read everything he sends but when I see something that raises my interest I email it to myself for future reading.

The other day he posted a link showing  how to identify Twitter users who will most likely share your content, he also had a video posted on Google+:

This is very useful for getting your content out to new audiences.

Even silly things – Like how  to make those circular images in photoshop:

Anyone making websites will be familiar with the Open Source community sharing information and code to help one another. There’s nothing new about the ‘Sharing Economy’ here!

Moving your wordpress site? Don’t want to end up with dead links? Check out

Maybe you have an idea for an App – How do you get it out there in such a busy market? Try this post for starters:

Currently everyone is talking about the Twitter Analytics dashboard that any twitter user can now use to see how they’re doing

From Benefits and tips of using social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook for business to Ecommerce plugin reviews and  latest responsive themes articles, the internet is an SME’s best friend!

Build your networks and read what your new connections share- it just might make all the difference to your business.

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