Happy National Women’s Enterprise Day

 National Women’s Enterprise Day

national-womens-enterprise-dayThe National Women’s Enterprise Day aims to inspire, activate and assist women across Ireland in running their own business.

The aim of ‘National Women’s Enterprise Day’ is to encourage even more women to set up their own businesses and to increase national recognition of the essential role played by Ireland’s female entrepreneurs.

Key Objectives

  • To provide a national networking forum for women in business that will support them in starting and growing their businesses.
  • To promote best practice of networking and facilitation for women in enterprise.
  • To facilitate female entrepreneurs from throughout Ireland in developing useful business contacts and in improving their own business management / networking skills
  • To facilitate access to a broad range of specialist business information from relevant agencies
  • This will involve entrepreneurs engaging in networking and learning.
  • To highlight female entrepreneurship.

Website: www.nwed.ie

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