Identifying Key Influencers

Identifying Key Influencers – Ireland

Natasha Fogel, executive VP of global measurement and media analytics at Edelman’s Edelman Berland explains:
“ As the definition of influencers broadens, organizations need to look at them through a 360 degree prism—traditional and social, online and offline, and also primary research. You then have visibility into a clear composite picture of who are your key influencers.”

Key Online Influencers for women in Business (Ireland)

Our research showed us that 98% of Irish women were most influenced by family members of close friends rather than industry leaders or celebrities. This naturally means that peer recommendations are even more important as one person who has gained valuable help /insight /support from winning an award (for example) is likely to share this with their friends and family and this in turn will spread through facebook reach and social sharing.

Key Influencers for their industry cited by our research group include

  • Samantha Kelly – @tweetingsamm
  • Laura Bermingham (TV 3 Laura Bermingham’s beauty clinic)
  • Paul Mc Knieve (estate agent)
  • Connor Murphy (BA, Mobil Advertising)
  • Gwen Jull (Physio – Australia)

Inspirational figures cited by our research group include

  • Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook CEO
  • Stephen Fry
  • Best Friend
  • Father
  • Christian Ryder
  • Adrienne Huffington
  • Mary Robinson
  • Husband, Mother