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Is your business a Startup?

Do you find yourself wondering if you can get advice on legal issues, mentoring on business plan creation, advice for networking or access to funding? Then you may be interested in checking out the website of NDRC.

NDRC is an early stage investor in innovation. We invest directly into innovative startups and indirectly to improve the environment within which ventures can grow.

I recently completed a programme at the Digital Hub in Dublin and much talk was of the Launchpad programme which had offices upstairs. it is only now that I have gotten a chance to look it up and the number of schemes available are very interesting.

For example, On the NDRC website there are links to 3 main programmes:

  • NDRC Sandbox
    From open mic idea-jams to multi-day workshops, through our SandBox initiatives, we introduce idea owners to skilled individuals, we provide the tools to test an innovative idea, and we make the introductions to the people who can help
  • NDRC Launchpad
    Over an intensive 12-week period, participants receive micro-seed investment and support with every aspect of their business as well as a fast track to attracting follow-on investment.
  • NDRC VenturelabNDRC VentureLab is a tailored science and technology investment programme dedicated to commercialising innovative advances in scientific fields

Each of these programmes are well worth looking into if your a startup or simply have an idea you might like to flesh out.

NDRC are currently taking applications for the next round of Launchpad:

We are now open for applications for NDRC LaunchPad 9.

To find out more about the programme, register for our Open Night on November 28th. 

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