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Not enough hours in the day?

Running a business takes up a lot of time. With so many facets to manage on a daily basis your website is often the last thing that gets a look in, yet this is your shop window – your online space that YOU own ( not Facebook or Twitter or Instagram). It’s a space that you can utilise to show potential and current customers the services / products you offer, you can introduce your team and showcase their talents and personalities, embed helpful ‘How To’ videos, store a myriad of online file formats, grow a membership database, network and connect with others and GROW SALES!

However, despite having the very best intentions many busy and successful businesses simply don’t have time to update their website, or when they do it takes too long, leaving them feeling frustrated and tired.

Trying to ensure that your news is correctly formatted, images correctly resized for web and mobile with alt tags and title tags on internal and external links,target windows set, keyword density considered and content optimised for Google, Bing and other search bots takes time. All of this whilst keeping up to date with new editors, shortcodes, design layouts and sitemap submission so that it is then also ready to share across social… well! It’s enough to drive the most serene of business people scatty!

Enter Our Monthly Digital Retainers…

Our 15+ years of online expertise and knowledge allows us to do in one hour what often takes the average employee two to three times that. Plus we’ll make sure it’s all been correctly optimised and formatted to be search engine friendly…

We offer a custom designed schedule of Monthly Digital Management to suit your needs with monthly retainers starting from as little as €200 per month.

Monthly retainers suit those who do not have time to update their website or social media platforms but may have news/offers/events that they’d like to share. By updating your online presence regularly you’re telling search engines to choose you because you have the freshest content related to a specific search. Making sure that you are active on the social platform/s of your choice gives a chance to grow your followers and engagement so that when you do have time to engage yourself your audience is already in place.

Customised Packages and Optional Extras Include:

  • Variations on the above to suit your needs.
  • SEO Optimisation – Redirects, Site Audits etc
  • Newsletter Management – Creation of + Subscription Growth
  • Competition Management – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Competitions
  • E Commerce Management – Adding new categories, stock etc.
  • Focus on Specific Social Media Platform growth.
  • Website Updating – eg adding widgets/backups etc
  • Traffic Analysis – Monthly Stats Analysis Report and suggestions based on same.

Total Newbie?
Make sure your website is setting off on the right foot – Let us ensure that your Google Analytics are set up correctly and integrated, SEO settings – Sitemap, Permalinks, etc; Social Media Platforms set up with uniform headers, Social Media linked from your Website so visitors can find you easily for a once off fee.

Free YOUR time to focus on YOUR talents –
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Note: All retainers are subject to a minimum of 3 months term.